The World of Styrotex

The environmentally friendly solutions offered by Styrotex expanded polystyrene is effecient in buildings, industial constructions, packaging, nurseries, marine applications and much more. Learn more about Styrotex and how it can affect your projects right here.

Building with Styrotex expanded polystyrene

Controlling the temperature of your building starts with its construction. Building with Styrotex ensure the best insulation. Building with polystyrene is the latest trend in Europe and is inline with energy efficiency regulations set throughout the world.

A properly insulated building makes keeping cool in summer a breeze and keeps the winter chill where it belongs, outside. Temperature controlling energy usage can be reduced up to 80%, while the risk to flues, colds and allergies, from heaters and air-conditioners, follow suit.

Building your next building with Styrotex expanded polystyrene can be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Manufactured in Namibia

All Styrotex products are manufactured under stringent quality control systems in Namibia. Global Polymer Industries is the leading Namibian Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer, thus you can know that Styrotex products can be trusted, 100%.


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The new Energy Efficiency (EE) building regulations that come into effect next month will boost the manufacturing sector as well as the economy, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said on Thursday.



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Styrotex helps to comply with energy-effecieny initiatives through reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

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