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The environmentally friendly solutions offered by Styrotex expanded polystyrene is efficient in buildings, industrial constructions, packaging, nurseries, marine applications and much more. Learn more about Styrotex and how it can affect your projects right here.

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Styrotex expanded polystyrene products are manufactured under stringent quality systems to ensure that the consistency, density and all other aspects are exactly according to the building specifications.

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Member of TIASA Member of EPSASA Member of Team Namibia


The quality of your building is always just as good as the materials used to construct it with. Never compromise on quality when it comes to building. View certificates here:


Manufactured by Global Polymer Industries.

The perfect temperature can be maintained more efficiently than ever before!

Building with Styrotex is the efficient solution for any building project seeking energy efficiency, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Ask your architect about building with Styrotex.